Ever since the birth of this planet, man is in perpetual pursuit of leading a harmonious life, devoid of miseries, sorrows, trials and tribulations. To achieve this end, man resorts to a diversified sources that include blind pursuit of wealth so that he and those associated with him lead a luxurious life. This enigmatic approach towards life creates an imbalance and, as a consequence, life on this planet becomes turbulent, paradoxical and complicated. This dilemma has engulfed the entire arena at the present era and humans are in the tight clutches of ever-increasing anxieties.

                        Under the prevalent scenario, there is a dire need that man comes out of the shackles, embraces the nature and enjoy the intoxicated comforts of life. Life in wilderness involves multifarious advantages, learnings and skills; traits which are non-existent otherwise. Trekking and Hiking, under the circumstances, avails a very valuable opportunity to humans to come close to nature, explore the flora and fauna and, ultimately, get the much needed physical, mental, spiritual and psychological relief. All blessings be to ALLAH that SPS Trekking Club has been carrying out this sacred activity in the northern areas of Pakistan since 1991. During the journey, SPS Trekking Club has achieved enviable distinctions that include a number of trekking expeditions and summits of international repute. The unique distinction that the club enjoys and for the same it can rightly be acclaimed is that the club achieved the distinctions within its meager resources. SPS Trekking Club is, as ever, committed to the sacred task of achieving more and more distinctions and to provide a valuable plateform to the nature loving people of Pakistan.