Code of Conducts

1.     Trekking is quite adventurous, long and dangerous. Therefore, to keep the morale of the Trekkers high all the way, we have to maintain very cordial relations and extend best possible cooperation to each other through thick and thin.

2.     Morale of the Trekkers should remain high in each eventuality and even in the most unpleasant situations.

3.     We have to tolerate each trouble with broadmindedness, open heart and shining face.

4.     When group leader seeks an advice on any issue, each member will be required to submit his advice in a most cogent and positive manner.

5.     The decisions of the group leader on any issue will be deemed as last one and nobody will feel any heart burn on his decision.

6.     During walking time, all the Trekkers will have to move jointly and in the form of a coherent group.

7.     For the smooth running of various affairs during the Trek, various duties have been assigned to various trekkers. To facilitate their work, we all will be required to fully cooperate with them from the core of our hearts.

8.     From the SPS premises we depart with a full determination for the trek but the trekkers should know that trek is tiring as well as adventure. With our limited resources and due to any unforeseeable circumstances, we must keep in mind that we may alter and amend our program.

9.     To make the venture more memorable and enjoyable, the participants are required to strictly follow the golden rules of faith, unity and discipline. They are expected to cooperate with each other and exhibit the sense of sacrifice and open heartedness.

10.    Each member will be required to take the attached personal belongings with in details of all requirements to be carried on the journey should be read carefully and arrangements must be made for the set henceforth.

11.    All the directives by the group leader should be followed strictly.