Short History

The history of SPS Trekking Club is as old as SPS College itself. The present SPS Trekking Club had not always been well-equipped and fully organized the way it is at the moment. In fact the seed was sown in 1988 when the tiny eaglets of SPS started to go on small hikes on the week-ends and some times during school days around Mingora with their tiny legs accompanied by the teachers of the fledgling institute. By the grace of Almighty Allah and efforts of the students and staff of SPS College the young plant of the young hikers has matured into a fully-grown trekking club during the course of the past 20 years.
           The young SPSians, with very meagre resources, for the first time, found heart, physical strength and will-power to go on a longer trek in 1991 and successfully conquered Kacha Kani (17300 ft). The success of the first trek not only greatly encouraged the members of the group but other students of the institute were filled with the same enthusiasm and spirit, and thus the number of trekkers increased every year. Since 1991 SPS Trekking Club has been organizing trekking expeditions in various mountain ranges during summer season every year.
           The idea of organized trekking was new in Swat. This certainly does not mean that the people here didn’t have the zeal and urge to explore nature but they didn’t have a proper forum through which they could satiate their desire of exploring the most beautiful country in the world gifted with enchanting snow-packed peaks. SPS Trekking Club was the most wanted platform for nature-lovers and thus a number of them not only from Swat but other parts of the country as well thronged the club.
           A visit from the sole Pakistani conqueror of Mount Everest, Nazir Sabir, gave further boost and impetus to our efforts. A few words of praise and appreciation from him were more than enough to strengthen our faith in our mission and the efforts put in were redoubled to achieve the goal for which the club was initially launched. Nazir Sabir during his kind visit to SPS said: “I have not, myself, in my entire life undertaken as many treks as SPS Trekking Club has, nor have I seen or even heard any other club in Pakistan with so many treks at its credit”.
           It is a matter of great pride that today SPS Trekking Club has committed, mature, patient and sacrificing people as its members. The club has all the necessary equipment available. Members of the club go to different parts of the country to get proper training and know about the new developments taking place around the world.
           God Almighty may give us the courage to explore not only the mountains of our dearest country but go beyond the frontiers of Pakistan and see how gracious He has been to us by giving us such a lovely planet. Aamin